AI DevOps Programming

Using Command Prompt Instructions Effectively

In this guide, we explore the differences between running shell scripts with source and ./, understanding variable scopes, and utilizing special variables like $@, $*, $0, and $#. Additionally, we cover the nuances of exit statuses, file testing with various options, and arithmetic tests. Finally, we compare methods for variable testing and command substitution. Understanding these concepts will enhance your command line efficiency and scripting capabilities.

AI DevOps Tools

Working with Kubernetes and EKS

In this guide, we have covered basic Kubernetes commands for managing deployments, updating images, rolling back deployments, and viewing resources. We also explored how to configure an EKS cluster and set up Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to secure your cluster. By understanding these concepts and commands, you will be well-equipped to manage and maintain Kubernetes clusters in a production environment.