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Working with Kubernetes and EKS

In this guide, we have covered basic Kubernetes commands for managing deployments, updating images, rolling back deployments, and viewing resources. We also explored how to configure an EKS cluster and set up Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to secure your cluster. By understanding these concepts and commands, you will be well-equipped to manage and maintain Kubernetes clusters in a production environment.


Create Backup Project Using Jenkins

Establishing a backup project in Jenkins involves crafting a script to generate periodic backups from a specified directory. This entails creating TAR archives with timestamped filenames to prevent overwriting. By configuring periodic builds and scheduling them using cron-like expressions, Jenkins facilitates automated backup operations.


POST BUILD ACTIONS Project – Jenkins

Jenkins facilitates a variety of post-build actions, including the efficient process of sending email notifications to pertinent individuals. This involves integrating an email notification plugin, configuring recipients’ email addresses, and setting up an SMTP server for seamless functionality.