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Exportation of Git Repository Hosted on GitHub to AWS CodeCommit

The following commands facilitate the exportation of a repository, as per specifications:

export REPO=repo &&
aws codecommit create-repository --repository-name ${REPO} --repository-description "${REPO}" && 
git clone --mirror${REPO}.git ${REPO} && 
cd ${REPO} && 
git push${REPO} --all &&
cd ..

These commands are utilized to export a repository, enabling seamless migration and replication of codebases across platforms.

The provided commands orchestrate the exportation of a repository from an existing Git repository hosted on GitHub to AWS CodeCommit, Amazon’s source control service. Here’s a breakdown:

1. **Export Repository Variables**: The first command assigns a variable named `REPO` with the value “repo”.

2. **Create CodeCommit Repository**: This AWS CLI command creates a new repository in AWS CodeCommit with the same name as the one specified in the `REPO` variable. The `–repository-description` flag provides a description for the repository, which in this case is the same as the repository name.

3. **Clone Repository**: This command clones the GitHub repository specified by the URL `${REPO}.git` using the `git clone` command with the `–mirror` option. The `–mirror` option ensures that all references, branches, and history are copied.

4. **Navigate to Cloned Repository Directory**: Changes the directory to the newly cloned repository.

5. **Push to CodeCommit**: Pushes all branches and tags from the local repository to the AWS CodeCommit repository using the `git push` command. The CodeCommit repository URL is specified as `${REPO}`.

6. **Return to Previous Directory**: Changes the directory back to the previous directory.

The provided commands facilitate the seamless migration of a Git repository hosted on GitHub to AWS CodeCommit, ensuring continuity and accessibility of the codebase within the AWS ecosystem.

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