Creating Your First Job Project With Jenkins

  1. Our initial job project serves as a simple demonstration of fundamental concepts. We’ll configure a job to create a new file in the home directory, containing the ubiquitous phrase “Hello World”.
  1. Begin by navigating to the dashboard and selecting “New Item”. Provide a descriptive name for the job, such as “hello_world”. Choose the “Freestyle project” option and proceed by clicking the enabled “OK” button to access the configuration page.
  2. Utilize the description field to furnish a brief summary of the job’s purpose. For instance, “Generate a file containing the phrase Hello World”.
  3. For now, disregard the remaining options. Additional functionalities will become available as you install plugins in subsequent steps. Let’s now focus on the “build” section.
  4. Click on “Add build step” and opt for “Execute shell”.
  5. Within the provided text box, input the following command: echo "Hello World" > /tmp/hello_jenkins.txt.
  1. If necessary, additional build steps can be appended by utilizing the “Add build step” button. However, for this example, a single step suffices.
  2. Upon saving the configuration, the job will execute. Return to the shell interface and enter the command cat /tmp/hello_jenkins.txt to view the “Hello World” output.

Embarking on your journey with Jenkins involves setting up your first job project. This initial task serves as a practical demonstration, guiding you through the process of configuring a job to perform a simple action: creating a file with the phrase “Hello World”. By following these steps, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of how Jenkins operates and how to execute basic tasks within its framework.

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